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We love what we do, and we could not be more driven about producing well trained, happy dogs, fabulous bonds & understanding.

We are delivering friendly, professional pet dog obedience classes, 1:1  home & location visits, puppy support, behavioural consultations, Agility, Scent & Trick Training –predominantly across Thurrock & Havering.

The AODT Story

Alicia was born into a dog owning family. As a child she kept various animals from fish, to guinea pigs, and even a pet duck. Her love of animals, forming a bond with them & inevitably spending a huge amount of time with them shaped her outlook on life, animal care and compassion.

At the age of 9 she joined her Father training the family dogs at a local obedience school. She had already been training her pet rats on agility courses (in lieu of being allowed ponies), and the rabbits to come when called - but dog training took her on a whole new journey, & her enthusiasm to a whole new level.  Always the child who would question everything she found herself both enthralled and disappointed. There was nothing better than training a dog to get something right and the level of teamwork that was required. But the ways in which she was tutored by dog trainers of the time, and the methods they suggested she use on her ‘friends’ left a sour taste.

Like a sponge she soaked up experiences and advice, watched closely & took great delight as a teenager in rebelling against the norm, and introducing play, fun and huge amounts of praise to her training. She was rewarded & encouraged to realise this slightly ‘odd’ approach paid dividends. The dogs she worked with learnt quicker, were more reliable competition dogs and were eager to please.

Fast forward to 2011 & Alicia realised she could no longer instruct under programs dictated by others, and that struggled to keep pace with both scientific evidence and her own ethos and growing determination to change the way people trained their dogs.

Alicia’s Obedience Dog Training was born - and going back to her own roots Alicia started with young handler classes, hoping to inspire the next generation, before embarking on companion obedience classes later the same year.

Since then Alicia has grown the areas she serves, the services she provides, her own knowledge even further and the team around her.  Whilst initially named as a person ‘Going Solo’ AODT is now so much more than that - it’s a family, a format and a growing ambition to change the quality of life for dogs, and their owners.  

When you entrust AODT with training you and your dog, you benefit from years of experience, backed up by the latest available information & studies, combined with a super supportive structure to help you both succeed.