Alicia Bratby 2015

Alicia's Obedience Dog Training

Alicia founded AODT in early 2012 after spending many years frustrated by outdated training methods & services.

Having trained her own dogs since the age of 9, and a vast array of other animals that she owned, she quickly realised that trained animals made for happy & confident companions.

From a background of training and working with dogs, Alicia embarked on a 2 year instructor course with BAGSD and passed at the top of her class in March 2010. During this time Alicia began to see the rewards of training people to train their dogs and looked to further her knowledge in all areas of canine care by attending various training & seminars. Most recently Alicia is working towards her KCAI (Kennel Club Affiliated Instructor)

She is keen to use her 26 years of experience to pass on her mantra of patience, perseverance and fun to those she trains.

Alicia is confident to work with all abilities and now has a team around her that promote the same ideals of responsible dog ownership, positive training methods and obedient dogs.

Alicia's Obedience Dog Training incorporates reward based positive training methods, with a firm but fair approach.

We can offer personalised services for all requirements, and look forward to hearing from you.

Mandy N Harle - 5  Stars

“We've just attended our first course with Alicia and so glad we found her! Alicia is a kind and fun trainer, gives you attention to every detail and works each dog and handler to their own capabilities. We learnt something new each week which at 4 1/2 years in paws was just what we needed - we will be back for more  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Alicia and AODT. ”

“We Know that  trained dogs are happier  and more confident dog’s and that makes for happy owners” Reviews

Angie Cahill - 5 Stars

“Alicia and her friends visited my Beaver and Cub group to teach the children how to behave when they come in contact with a dog they don't know. The children were taught how to stand still, how to approach a dog and what to do if a dog knocks them over. The highlight was actually seeing the dogs and putting what they had been taught into action. my highlight was seeing one of the beavers who was very nervous of the dogs respond to Alicia's patience and care and actually stroke the dog. His smile of achievement was wonderful to see! ”

Debbie Terrey - 5 Stars

“Before collecting our puppy a cavapoo my daughter Lois was extremely afraid of any dog or puppy. We first visited one of Alicia's classes before collecting our puppy and Lois didn't even want to enter the room, one of the activities was for those watching to greet the owner but not touch the dog. Lois needed lots of coaxing but together we greeted a owner an owner. On enrolling for Alicias young handlers course our puppy Flint was 12 weeks old, Kieran my son and Lois took it in turns to work with Flint. Gradually each week Lois' confidence grew through Alicia's perseverance and encouragement, she became confident in handling Flint and being in close contact with other dogs (not all puppies). Through the careful guidance and support from Alicia Lois now thoroughly enjoys Flint and they have a lovely relationship to the point that she shares the training in the intermediate class with myself. A wonderful achievement During the holidays was when Lois came 1st in the Young Handlers competition at the Heavy Horse show Orsett, there she got Flint to walk to heel and sit on command. Lois was so proud of her achievement! ”

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